iPhone 8 – A new generation

The world of telephones has been growing since its first appearance in 1992 joining PDA and mobile phone; that is to say, in its beginnings it was not called smart phone. The improvements in both design and productivity to date have progressed being efficient in many aspects of users’ lives.

However, the demand for a much more effective and more modern handset continues to grow. People ask for a device that will provide them with conventional information in real time, help them with their daily activities and provide them with security and tranquility every moment of the day.

For this reason large electronics and technology companies focus on meeting the needs of their users by creating, improving and producing new devices that satisfy people. The improvement of smartphones is a great example that demonstrates the consideration of these companies in addition to increasing their conversions, of course.

Despite this, we note that our demands are heard every year, and one of the companies that has importance of that is Apple Inc., an American multinational technology company, who are lately getting the most attention thanks to their latest devices which are significantly the beginning of a new generation in the technology of their smartphones.

One of these devices has been one of the most expected by users because of the rumors about the specifications that would bring both their hardware and software. This smartphone has been called by its creators as iPhone 8, as expected since it was mentioned that would be the succession of the iPhone 7, but what would differentiate it, generalizing, would be the great comparison of productivity between these two smartphones.

The company notes that the iPhone 8 features a new glass design, the world’s most popular camera and even enhanced, the smartest and most powerful smartphone chip. In addition, the load is wireless and effortless, and augmented reality experiences never before possible. They define the iPhone 8 as a new generation of iPhone.


It has an all-glass design with the most durable glass ever on a smartphone, front and back. A combination of colors, aerospace grade aluminum band. New finishes in gray, silver and gold. It is precisely designed to withstand water and dust. The back of the glass allows for easy charging without the need to be connected to cables and comes with new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch HD Retina displays.


Your Retina HD display is much more beautiful than ever. It has a wide range of colors and 3D Touch thanks to its technology True Tone which automatically adjusts the white balance to match the light that surrounds us for a better visual experience in all types of environments.

It has a wide range of colors and the best color accuracy in the industry making everything on the screen look brighter and vibrant. Dual-domain pixels provide a great view of the screen from almost any angle.


The iPhone 8 features a more advanced 12MP camera, a larger and faster sensor, a new color filter, deeper pixels and optical image stabilization for photos and videos. The Portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus gets even better for clearer close-ups and more blurred backgrounds naturally.

Dual cameras and new facial landmarking create dramatic studio lighting effects in portrait mode. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses on the iPhone 8 Plus allow for optical zoom as well as a digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.


A11 Bionic is the most powerful and smart chip of a smartphone since it has four efficiency cores that are up to 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip, and two performance cores that are up to 25% faster. A second-generation performance controller provides more power when you need it while delivering the same large battery life.

The new three-core GPU designed by Apple is up to 30% faster than A10 Fusion. A11 Bionic powers extraordinary augmented reality applications and games that will change the way we see the world.


Charges wirelessly; that is, without the need for a charging cable. The iPhone 8 is really designed for the future of wireless technology. Charging with wireless charging stations and mats in hotels, cafes and airports around the world.


iOS is the world’s most advanced, intuitive and secure mobile operating system. It is designed to help us get the most out of the iPhone. The new iOS 11 allows us to access applications in messages with fewer taps, create new live effects of photos, and discover new music with friends in Apple Music. In addition, it allows us to enjoy AR games and applications as it is the world’s largest platform for augmented reality.

The Ataribox will be released for sale in the spring of 2018

As we all know, Atari was one of the largest producers and pioneer of arcade games, home video games, consoles and personal microcomputers in the United States. It maintained its potential and leadership in the computer industry and the entertainment from its beginnings until the middle of the decade of the 80.

Since his announcement at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where he announced his return to the world of videogame consoles with a new product which was named Ataribox, fans of the company have been intrigued by the new console and all the details that would bring both in your hardware as in your software.

After Atari unveils images of his new product in an exclusive release where they explain the details of the Ataribox, he made a statement later on 25 September, revealing for the first time that the device will be able to run Linux on an Advanced processor Micro Devices and will cost between 250 and 300 dollars.

In an exclusive interview last week with GamesBeat, creator of Ataribox and general manager Feargal Mac said Atari will start a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo this fall and will launch the Ataribox in the spring of 2018 with a great backing of classic games editor.

The company also revealed that the console will have a custom AMD processor with Radeon graphics and will run Linux as an operating system, with a user friendly interface at the top easier to use for a TV interface and controller.

Mac, the company’s general manager, said the new console will run the kind of games a mid-range PC can do today, but will not be able to run Triple-A games that require high-end PC performance. You will also be able to stream, run applications, browse the web and play music.

Atari will discuss details about the content of the new console and partnerships with other companies for this project in future interviews or conferences.

Xbox One X is now available for pre-order worldwide

Xbox One X is a console of the world of the video games developed by Microsoft and that was first revealed in Electronic Entertainment Expo in June and has been available until now like the special edition of “Project Scorpio” which sold quickly when Microsoft started a promo during the Gamescom conference last month.

Microsoft plans to launch Xbox One X on November 7 worldwide. However, the company today announced the availability of pre-ordering the standard version of the new console. the company says that the Xbox One X Black standard prefeeders will be available from local retailers around the world as well as through its own website and Microsoft store.

The console will be sold for $ 499 in the US. with 1TB of storage, and will begin shipping worldwide on the same release date; that is to say, from the 7 of November. With more widely available preorders now, Microsoft is also taking the opportunity to unveil its growing list of “enhanced” games for its Xbox One.

One of the new details of the new console is that it has a faster processor and more memory being able to run games with a resolution of up to 4K and 60 frames per second. Microsoft will denote that a game is using the extra power for one or more of these upgrade options through a special logo.


Fuente: The Verge

The Defender 24/7

Insecurity is latent throughout the world and we are harassed when we least expect it. The worst of this fact is the brutality with which any kind of criminal action is carried out and the minimal quick help from the authorities of our locality to avoid that the delinquents achieve their mission.

While it is true that our local authorities try to improve their strategies and systems with the aim of reducing crime and providing more efficient, fast and clean security, insecurity will not be eradicated or diminished without the help of our citizens.

Despite the improvements made by the authorities, crime also improves their strategies and often manages to be one step ahead. For this reason, many of us claim and ask that security be improved in our city, but we do not realize that we can help to realize it.

But we will ask ourselves: How can we help improve security and the fight against crime? What can I do to collaborate with that? There are many more questions, but what matters is that you know that collaborating in the fight against crime is very practical and we can do it through self-defense devices.

Actually, there are many gadgets that help us protect ourselves from criminal acts that overwhelm us daily, but not all provide us with effective, fast and clean security as we so long in our lives. For this reason, a very functional and practical device has been created that promises us a more reliable security. This gadget is known as “The Defender 24/7”.

The Defender 24/7 is the first intelligent personal protection system. It has 24/7 supervision which is an alert and medical alert response service. This gadget connects to our smartphone wirelessly, has a built-in camera to transmit the image of an assailant to the authorities and geolocation your location to send help wherever we are.


Despite having a small and portable size it is a powerful speaker; that is, draws attention when you turn on your speakers. In addition, it has a higher concentration of pepper spray available that will give us several seconds to escape the assailant.

The gadget works in a very effective way and, as I mentioned before, it is very practical and functional. The integrated camera with flash connects wirelessly to the Defender application, sending the photo of our attacker to the appropriate authorities, while the small but powerful siren draws attention to our situation.

The 24/7 Defender Monitoring Service notifies local authorities of the attacker’s photo and our geolocation to send help wherever we are in the United States and Canada. The Defender also includes a health alert button for health situations.

The Defender includes the highest concentration of pepper spray available for law enforcement and with the push of a button, we can take a photo, alert the authorities and bring an attacker to the ground.


TOYBOX – 3D Printer

Technology is a world in constant evolution, every day we think, plan, and create new solutions that help, support, and facilitate our daily activities. A great example of this statement are the gadgets which are devices thought to improve the quality of another device, facilitate some activity, among many other features.

And technology does not focus on science or the military, but also embraces all the common instances of the lives of all people; that is, it analyzes the activities of the people and standardizes them to have an idea that is directed to a precise objective. Although the world of technology analyzes everything to try to solve everything.

In this world, ideas depend on each of us to create something new and modern. We are free to create our own idea by combining topics that are not usually so closely related. But that is already at the discretion of each of us. The importance of this article is to present you an idea that has managed to interweave the impression, the creation of toys, the 3D dimension and the most common devices currently; that is, smartphones.


I am talking about a 3D printer to which its creators have named it as TOYBOX. It is the first user-friendly printer, a touch of the 3D printer for children to design and print their own toys.

This device allows us to create a toy at the touch of a button. It allows us to print endless possibilities like games, blocks or any other toy that we can imagine. It is very simple and easy, we can consult the catalog of pre-designed toys, upload our own designs, or simply draw something and send it to print it.


The creators guarantee that TOYBOX printers are of high quality; that is, they are durable and provide entertainment for years. All materials are suitable for children and their parents keeping the fun of an instant impression without any clutter.

TOYBOX is affordable fun for the whole family!

SELFLY – The autonomous flight camera

Today, capturing our most exciting moments, hidden places and difficult access, very funny situations, interesting and extravagant things, among others is much easier and fun thanks to the new utilities and improvements in the upgrades of our cell phones and the facilities to use our gadgets or new creations of these gadgets.

Updates such as improvements in camera quality or photomontage effects are very useful and provide us with the satisfaction we need to feel comfortable with our capture as well as the possibilities offered by photomontage effects to make our own creations about our capture are very fun and exciting.

There are also gadgets, devices that thanks to its great diversity of utilities and functionalities facilitate, help, improve, among others, our daily activities. There are gadgets in particular that help us and make it easier to capture our moments on the beach, in a stadium while playing our favorite team, in a big meeting or celebration, etc.

One of these gadgets is the selfie stick or better known as “selfie stick” which is widely used thanks to its functionality and support when capturing images from a certain height and in a safe way. However, this gadget is limited in the distance from which it fulfills its role and in the way it works; that is, we have to hold it and look for the most appropriate and desired angle.

But these limitations and annoyances have been analyzed and solved, thus creating a new way of capturing images. These solutions are found in many devices, but in this article we will focus on the combination of flight technology, the autonomy of electronic devices and the portability of them.

The device has many features that I will mention in the development of this article. The creators have named this gadget as SELFLY and say it is a new concept that allows anyone to take photos with hands free while you are in motion or doing any other activity that prevents you from holding your cell phone to capture images.

The creators of this gadget point out: “Using high-end stabilization technology, we have finally successfully developed SELFLY, an autonomous flight camera device, which is actually a 9mm (3/8 inch) phone shell. Best of all, it flies by itself!”


SELFLY designers took all the high-end technology used today and have minimized it in an accessory used worldwide, every day. The sleek and stylish design of the device makes it a flying camera that can fit in our pocket. In addition, it has a charging station that can charge up to ten times. It is a thin and portable power bank with a 12,000mAh battery charger.

Needless to mention, here are some pictures that the creators of SELFLY have shared with us and where you will find a more detailed explanation.

Selfly-uniqueSelfly-aplicationSelfly-how-it-worksSelfly-compatibility Selfly-specs

Chris: The Digital Driver Assistant

Many cities face serious urban transport problems due to the increasing number of vehicles in circulation. As cities have become the main centers of economic activity, the population tends to travel its streets requiring transportation not only for ourselves but also for the products we consume or produce.

Unfortunately, transport can generate diverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts such as vehicular congestion, air pollution, noise and disturbance of tranquility, increased risk of traffic accidents, among many other very disgusting effects.

The flow of vehicles produced at a particular time and place is the result of a series of individual decisions that we take the users of the road network when we decide how and when to travel the best route to reach our destination in addition to our decisions are based on criteria such as cost, time, safety and comfort.

However, it is not easy to determine the shortest route in time in a network since the vehicular flow is constantly changing daily. That is why we have created a device that works as a secondary interface for our smartphone that will help us while we drive. The creators of this gadget christened it with the name Chris pointing out that “Chris” is gender neutral and can be connoted both for men and women. Consciously does not serve stereotypes, but neither age nor gender. Chris is universal.

Chris is the world’s first digital driver assistant with which we can stay connected without getting in the way while driving. It promises to be our digital co-driver interacting with us actively if there are new messages or navigation updates. Also, it makes us feel like we’re driving with a friend since Chris is so much fun.


This device also features a remarkably intuitive gesture control, something that we will only find in the latest high-end cars. Simply slide your finger left and right or up and down to navigate long lists or control the volume of our music without touching Chris or our smartphone.

Just like a GPS, Chris works with any car, no matter the age or model. Thanks to its suction cup holder with magnetic connection, Chris is installed and ready to use in less than 3 minutes.

1. Download and install the application for free.
2. Connect Chris to your phone via Bluetooth.
3. Connect Chris to car audio via Bluetooth or FM.


Access your favorite apps

At launch Chris supports the most popular applications. Chris is built as an open platform, meaning that developers can create more and more applications and integrations over time.


Messaging: Text messages while driving

Chris talks to us when we receive a new message and reads the text aloud if we want to hear it. We just have to tell Chris what we want to respond to, or we can use one of the quick answers to save time. And the best thing is that it is not necessary to take your hands off the wheel or distract us to see the notifications.



Intelligent car navigation

Chris is an intelligent personal navigation device that will always keep us on the right track. With the GPS feature we can drive and get our destination relaxed, and thanks to real-time traffic information, Chris always keeps us at the forefront of traffic.

It allows us to enjoy voice controlled navigation. And the best thing is that this device has global maps for life, free updates and also works offline, that is, when our smartphone has no Internet connection.



Music: Listen to Spotify in the car

Chris allows us to listen to music online from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music or offline from our cell phone. It gives us the possibility to scroll through playlists, play, pause and change songs by voice and gestures. And the best thing is that the device connects via Bluetooth or FM.



Calls: Hands free

Chris is a unique hands-free kit for the car with voice control and gesture. The high-end microphones in the device designed with an aluminum frame guarantee the best audio quality when we are on a call or when giving a voice command. It also shows us the contacts of our cell phone and recent calls.


Chris Design and Technology

Its timeless design and technology are the combination of an aluminum housing with display, microphones and sensors. The installation for the first time is simple: we place the suction mount in the windshield, we fit in Chris and we follow the configuration instructions. In addition, it is compatible with iOS and Android.

One detail that may disgust somehow of this gadget is that it should always be connected to the power system of our vehicle. The comforting thing is its 12V charger that plugs into the suction cup mount, and the extra-long power cord is hidden in the small slots inside the vehicle. It has a built-in battery that lasts approximately one hour in full use, being useful in interruptions when we turn off the engine.


Natural understanding and language reproduction is key to a digital co-pilot with a voice interface. For this reason, Chris speaks and understands the English and German languages at the moment as their creators point out that more languages will be added after the release to the market in early 2018.

Designed for use in the car Chris meets all regulatory requirements and relevant certifications in North America and Western Europe. It is designed as a real assistant, combining information and understanding of circumstances. Chris will help us focus on what is really important.

GoPano Micro

The environment of photographs, selfies, images, videos, among other means of digital graphic representation continues having a great apogee and functionality in the daily life of each one of us. In many respects, multimedia is very important to capture the attention of many people, to keep a special moment, to capture a beautiful landscape, to film an amazing fact, among many other ideas.

However, all these multimedia do not have the same utility or importance in many of us; that is, some like to take selfies, others capture photography in a professional way, and some of us are more attentive to shooting funny or special moments.

There are many ways in which we can use multimedia and that will depend on our tastes, the occasions, and even the need. In this opportunity we will highlight the utility and importance of videos as they are the most complete multimedia that we can find.

The videos contain continuous information, but we do not go into definitions since we all know what the videos are and what they are for. The point of this article is to present you a way to capture panoramic 360 ° videos. This incredible idea is realized with the help of a gadget, which at the moment only supports iPhone 4, and was made by Michael Rondinelli.


This amazing gadget has been named as GoPano Micro which is a lens for 360 ° panoramic videos. It’s easy to place on the iPhone 4, and we can use it to record the action of our favorite sport, a meeting, summer outing, among many other ideas.

The GoPano micro will help us to record everything around us at the same time. We can go back to the video recording and choose to see any perspective, any angle at any point in the video’s time. The GoPano application allows us to upload our videos to our device web platform and share it with our friends.

The GoPano lens records everything at the same time and not just the scene on the screen, it also allows us to scroll and zoom in / out anywhere in the recorded video. GoPano technology brings a new angle to making videos. By releasing the video from the unique perspective of a conventional camera, you can interact with the video in a way never before possible.

As already mentioned, the GoPano Micro is only compatible with the iPhone 4 at the moment as it is guaranteed that this technology will be expanded to include more smartphones, mobile devices and cameras.

Apple celebrates with new presentations

As we well know, the progress of technology continues to progress, thanks to the great competition of large electronics companies to obtain the highest level in their environment; that is, for being the best and most welcomed by all of us.

To achieve these achievements, they need to create or upgrade new devices that, of course, are functional, useful and safe for all users. This fact is achieved on a large scale annually where large companies demonstrate, announce and present their new devices in a definitive date of celebration in the last months of the year.

One of these big companies has announced the date of its next big event where it is expected to be revealed its new device along with updates some of its trajectory devices. We are talking about the great American multinational company that designs and produces electronic equipment, software and services online, called Apple Inc.

The event will be held on September 12 and an important event of this great presentation is that it is the first event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at its new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. The invitation to the event does not reveal much.

After many rumors of its new devices and updates, Apple is expected to announce three new iPhone at the event: a next-generation iPhone 8 model with an edge-to-edge OLED display and a new 3D face scan camera, reports previous on Bloomberg; and updated versions of the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with wireless charging. In addition, it is rumored that the company will have a new Apple TV 4K running, along with Apple Watches that could have LTE connectivity.

An important fact of the company was held in June this year at its developer conference where Apple first announced iOS 11 and High Sierra software, but is being phased in for application developers. This event was a great help to get information about your new presentations which we will surely find on September 12th.

Samsung is approved to test self-driving cars

Artificial intelligence is a world that from its beginnings has proven to be a dream and a great challenge for programmers since its end point is undefined; that is, it depends on creativity, imagination and experience to be built.

Today, artificial intelligence is defined as a newborn world because it is believed that we lack many to experiment, discover and create in their environment. This is what continues to inspire large electronics companies to experience, discover and improve the quality of life of people collectively and individually.

Large electronics companies are constantly in research and development to create more efficient devices according to the demands of users, and achieve the highest position among the companies in their environment. There is great competition in building vehicles and / or developing systems to replace the driver; that is to say, to create autonomous vehicles with specific functions given by the user.

So far companies like Apple, Google, among others have already presented their prototypes of autonomous vehicles and have tested them on public roads. Now it’s the turn of the electronics giant. Samsung is the latest company to get the go-ahead to test its self-driven cars on California’s public roads in addition to Nissan.

This is according to the list of companies that have accepted the terms of the California Department of Motor Vehicles’ Independent Vehicle Verification Program. In May, Samsung received approval to try self-driven cars in their home country, using software tailored to Hyundai vehicles.

Samsung would try to keep up with its technological rivals in the automotive environment to make the competition and revolutionize its industry. This is because in 2015, the electronics giant announced a new division that will focus on auto-driving vehicle software, rather than creating the entire vehicle after its biggest rival, Apple, has changed its approach from stand-alone cars to stand-alone systems.

With the authorization to test its self-propelled vehicles in California, Samsung could position itself to offer its technology to other companies, including an automaker, as it maintains an outpost in San Jose.

Source: The Verge

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