iPhone 8 – A new generation

The world of telephones has been growing since its first appearance in 1992 joining PDA and mobile phone; that is to say, in its beginnings it was not called smart phone. The improvements in both design and productivity to date have progressed being efficient in many aspects of users’ lives.

However, the demand for a much more effective and more modern handset continues to grow. People ask for a device that will provide them with conventional information in real time, help them with their daily activities and provide them with security and tranquility every moment of the day.

For this reason large electronics and technology companies focus on meeting the needs of their users by creating, improving and producing new devices that satisfy people. The improvement of smartphones is a great example that demonstrates the consideration of these companies in addition to increasing their conversions, of course.

Despite this, we note that our demands are heard every year, and one of the companies that has importance of that is Apple Inc., an American multinational technology company, who are lately getting the most attention thanks to their latest devices which are significantly the beginning of a new generation in the technology of their smartphones.

One of these devices has been one of the most expected by users because of the rumors about the specifications that would bring both their hardware and software. This smartphone has been called by its creators as iPhone 8, as expected since it was mentioned that would be the succession of the iPhone 7, but what would differentiate it, generalizing, would be the great comparison of productivity between these two smartphones.

The company notes that the iPhone 8 features a new glass design, the world’s most popular camera and even enhanced, the smartest and most powerful smartphone chip. In addition, the load is wireless and effortless, and augmented reality experiences never before possible. They define the iPhone 8 as a new generation of iPhone.


It has an all-glass design with the most durable glass ever on a smartphone, front and back. A combination of colors, aerospace grade aluminum band. New finishes in gray, silver and gold. It is precisely designed to withstand water and dust. The back of the glass allows for easy charging without the need to be connected to cables and comes with new 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch HD Retina displays.


Your Retina HD display is much more beautiful than ever. It has a wide range of colors and 3D Touch thanks to its technology True Tone which automatically adjusts the white balance to match the light that surrounds us for a better visual experience in all types of environments.

It has a wide range of colors and the best color accuracy in the industry making everything on the screen look brighter and vibrant. Dual-domain pixels provide a great view of the screen from almost any angle.


The iPhone 8 features a more advanced 12MP camera, a larger and faster sensor, a new color filter, deeper pixels and optical image stabilization for photos and videos. The Portrait mode on the iPhone 8 Plus gets even better for clearer close-ups and more blurred backgrounds naturally.

Dual cameras and new facial landmarking create dramatic studio lighting effects in portrait mode. The wide-angle and telephoto lenses on the iPhone 8 Plus allow for optical zoom as well as a digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.


A11 Bionic is the most powerful and smart chip of a smartphone since it has four efficiency cores that are up to 70% faster than the A10 Fusion chip, and two performance cores that are up to 25% faster. A second-generation performance controller provides more power when you need it while delivering the same large battery life.

The new three-core GPU designed by Apple is up to 30% faster than A10 Fusion. A11 Bionic powers extraordinary augmented reality applications and games that will change the way we see the world.


Charges wirelessly; that is, without the need for a charging cable. The iPhone 8 is really designed for the future of wireless technology. Charging with wireless charging stations and mats in hotels, cafes and airports around the world.


iOS is the world’s most advanced, intuitive and secure mobile operating system. It is designed to help us get the most out of the iPhone. The new iOS 11 allows us to access applications in messages with fewer taps, create new live effects of photos, and discover new music with friends in Apple Music. In addition, it allows us to enjoy AR games and applications as it is the world’s largest platform for augmented reality.

GoPano Micro

The environment of photographs, selfies, images, videos, among other means of digital graphic representation continues having a great apogee and functionality in the daily life of each one of us. In many respects, multimedia is very important to capture the attention of many people, to keep a special moment, to capture a beautiful landscape, to film an amazing fact, among many other ideas.

However, all these multimedia do not have the same utility or importance in many of us; that is, some like to take selfies, others capture photography in a professional way, and some of us are more attentive to shooting funny or special moments.

There are many ways in which we can use multimedia and that will depend on our tastes, the occasions, and even the need. In this opportunity we will highlight the utility and importance of videos as they are the most complete multimedia that we can find.

The videos contain continuous information, but we do not go into definitions since we all know what the videos are and what they are for. The point of this article is to present you a way to capture panoramic 360 ° videos. This incredible idea is realized with the help of a gadget, which at the moment only supports iPhone 4, and was made by Michael Rondinelli.


This amazing gadget has been named as GoPano Micro which is a lens for 360 ° panoramic videos. It’s easy to place on the iPhone 4, and we can use it to record the action of our favorite sport, a meeting, summer outing, among many other ideas.

The GoPano micro will help us to record everything around us at the same time. We can go back to the video recording and choose to see any perspective, any angle at any point in the video’s time. The GoPano application allows us to upload our videos to our device web platform and share it with our friends.

The GoPano lens records everything at the same time and not just the scene on the screen, it also allows us to scroll and zoom in / out anywhere in the recorded video. GoPano technology brings a new angle to making videos. By releasing the video from the unique perspective of a conventional camera, you can interact with the video in a way never before possible.

As already mentioned, the GoPano Micro is only compatible with the iPhone 4 at the moment as it is guaranteed that this technology will be expanded to include more smartphones, mobile devices and cameras.

Apple celebrates with new presentations

As we well know, the progress of technology continues to progress, thanks to the great competition of large electronics companies to obtain the highest level in their environment; that is, for being the best and most welcomed by all of us.

To achieve these achievements, they need to create or upgrade new devices that, of course, are functional, useful and safe for all users. This fact is achieved on a large scale annually where large companies demonstrate, announce and present their new devices in a definitive date of celebration in the last months of the year.

One of these big companies has announced the date of its next big event where it is expected to be revealed its new device along with updates some of its trajectory devices. We are talking about the great American multinational company that designs and produces electronic equipment, software and services online, called Apple Inc.

The event will be held on September 12 and an important event of this great presentation is that it is the first event to be held at the Steve Jobs Theater at its new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California. The invitation to the event does not reveal much.

After many rumors of its new devices and updates, Apple is expected to announce three new iPhone at the event: a next-generation iPhone 8 model with an edge-to-edge OLED display and a new 3D face scan camera, reports previous on Bloomberg; and updated versions of the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with wireless charging. In addition, it is rumored that the company will have a new Apple TV 4K running, along with Apple Watches that could have LTE connectivity.

An important fact of the company was held in June this year at its developer conference where Apple first announced iOS 11 and High Sierra software, but is being phased in for application developers. This event was a great help to get information about your new presentations which we will surely find on September 12th.

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