The Defender 24/7

Insecurity is latent throughout the world and we are harassed when we least expect it. The worst of this fact is the brutality with which any kind of criminal action is carried out and the minimal quick help from the authorities of our locality to avoid that the delinquents achieve their mission.

While it is true that our local authorities try to improve their strategies and systems with the aim of reducing crime and providing more efficient, fast and clean security, insecurity will not be eradicated or diminished without the help of our citizens.

Despite the improvements made by the authorities, crime also improves their strategies and often manages to be one step ahead. For this reason, many of us claim and ask that security be improved in our city, but we do not realize that we can help to realize it.

But we will ask ourselves: How can we help improve security and the fight against crime? What can I do to collaborate with that? There are many more questions, but what matters is that you know that collaborating in the fight against crime is very practical and we can do it through self-defense devices.

Actually, there are many gadgets that help us protect ourselves from criminal acts that overwhelm us daily, but not all provide us with effective, fast and clean security as we so long in our lives. For this reason, a very functional and practical device has been created that promises us a more reliable security. This gadget is known as “The Defender 24/7”.

The Defender 24/7 is the first intelligent personal protection system. It has 24/7 supervision which is an alert and medical alert response service. This gadget connects to our smartphone wirelessly, has a built-in camera to transmit the image of an assailant to the authorities and geolocation your location to send help wherever we are.


Despite having a small and portable size it is a powerful speaker; that is, draws attention when you turn on your speakers. In addition, it has a higher concentration of pepper spray available that will give us several seconds to escape the assailant.

The gadget works in a very effective way and, as I mentioned before, it is very practical and functional. The integrated camera with flash connects wirelessly to the Defender application, sending the photo of our attacker to the appropriate authorities, while the small but powerful siren draws attention to our situation.

The 24/7 Defender Monitoring Service notifies local authorities of the attacker’s photo and our geolocation to send help wherever we are in the United States and Canada. The Defender also includes a health alert button for health situations.

The Defender includes the highest concentration of pepper spray available for law enforcement and with the push of a button, we can take a photo, alert the authorities and bring an attacker to the ground.


SELFLY – The autonomous flight camera

Today, capturing our most exciting moments, hidden places and difficult access, very funny situations, interesting and extravagant things, among others is much easier and fun thanks to the new utilities and improvements in the upgrades of our cell phones and the facilities to use our gadgets or new creations of these gadgets.

Updates such as improvements in camera quality or photomontage effects are very useful and provide us with the satisfaction we need to feel comfortable with our capture as well as the possibilities offered by photomontage effects to make our own creations about our capture are very fun and exciting.

There are also gadgets, devices that thanks to its great diversity of utilities and functionalities facilitate, help, improve, among others, our daily activities. There are gadgets in particular that help us and make it easier to capture our moments on the beach, in a stadium while playing our favorite team, in a big meeting or celebration, etc.

One of these gadgets is the selfie stick or better known as “selfie stick” which is widely used thanks to its functionality and support when capturing images from a certain height and in a safe way. However, this gadget is limited in the distance from which it fulfills its role and in the way it works; that is, we have to hold it and look for the most appropriate and desired angle.

But these limitations and annoyances have been analyzed and solved, thus creating a new way of capturing images. These solutions are found in many devices, but in this article we will focus on the combination of flight technology, the autonomy of electronic devices and the portability of them.

The device has many features that I will mention in the development of this article. The creators have named this gadget as SELFLY and say it is a new concept that allows anyone to take photos with hands free while you are in motion or doing any other activity that prevents you from holding your cell phone to capture images.

The creators of this gadget point out: “Using high-end stabilization technology, we have finally successfully developed SELFLY, an autonomous flight camera device, which is actually a 9mm (3/8 inch) phone shell. Best of all, it flies by itself!”


SELFLY designers took all the high-end technology used today and have minimized it in an accessory used worldwide, every day. The sleek and stylish design of the device makes it a flying camera that can fit in our pocket. In addition, it has a charging station that can charge up to ten times. It is a thin and portable power bank with a 12,000mAh battery charger.

Needless to mention, here are some pictures that the creators of SELFLY have shared with us and where you will find a more detailed explanation.

Selfly-uniqueSelfly-aplicationSelfly-how-it-worksSelfly-compatibility Selfly-specs


The energy consumption of our homes increasingly can increase our electricity bills becoming an expense as much of that consumption goes to waste. In the last 15 years the increase in the price of energy has called us to worry and to reduce the energy consumption in our homes.

This is to safeguard our economy and our environment. Many of us are very strict in the use of energy in our homes so that it does not become a financial problem when receiving our electricity bills. Therefore, we make schedules and times of use of electrical appliances, we establish the number of times of daily load of our mobile devices, among other rules that help reduce energy consumption.

However, these rules do not cover all aspects and sometimes we forget the consumer recommendations. Many of our appliances need to be turned on for a long time to perform their functions. In most households, more than 40% of the electricity consumed goes to waste despite having been strict in energy consumption.

That is a reason that discourages us to reduce the use of electricity and, therefore, increases the environmental impact. Therefore, it is important to quantify our use of resources with the aim of reducing waste, as reducing waste saves money and provides a significant reduction in the impact of our homes on the environment.

Potential Labs is a small company that has created a device that promises to help us reduce our electricity bills and reduce the environmental impact of our homes through real-time feedback, expense targets and usage alerts. The creators of this device have named it “Glow” and claim that it is the most beautiful way in the world to see the energy.


Glow is the first intelligent home energy tracker in the world environment that anyone can install. It was created by a team of designers, scientists and engineers in Athens, Ohio. The sensor in this gadget uses magneto-resistive forward detection technology to wirelessly measure electricity consumption in our home. Glow sends that information to an elegant design unit that changes color so we can “see” the energy consumption of our home.

The Glow application reveals the energy use of our home when we are out. It sends us notifications that warn us of the abnormal use of energy so that we can take action immediately and avoid unexpected surprises in the electricity bill.

Available in charcoal or linen with a standard soft-touch or limited edition hardwood base

Glow is easy, fast and secure to install and configure, the whole process takes about 10 minutes. It has a smart energy indicator with a soft LED light that changes color according to our energy consumption and automatically dims at night. The entire Glow system uses less energy than a single LED bulb. Its compatible mobile application for iOS and Android allows us to control the use of electricity from our home from anywhere, receive notifications about the abnormal use of energy so we can investigate about it.

It allows us to set goals for how much we want to spend and helps us stay on that path. You can also estimate the cost of energy for our next bill based on recent usage. Currently, the company works on Smart Home integrations to unlock new features.


Glow follows the energy use of our home using a wireless sensor that plugs into the outside of the utility meter box, and the home unit that plugs into the wall. The sensor measures the electricity that flows into our home, and the unit in the home sends that information to the Glow application on your cell phone.

More information at


The games of last generation have caught our attention thanks to its great quality of visualization and its entertaining theme. Many of these games cause us sensations in which we feel direct protagonists. Therefore, the big companies in the area of ​​video games have tried to improve the quality of their consoles and the details that make these sensations possible.

Although the advances have managed to make us feel inside the game in a certain way, they still keep us in front of a screen. However, the US company New Delhi has launched worldwide a portable platform called SuperSuit which was created from the idea of ​​incorporating gesture control technology with outdoor games.

SuperSuit is the world’s first portable platform that brings games to real life. It promises to stop feeling inside the game through a screen to recover the feeling of playing outdoors and with the games that we like. It consists of two units: a vest and a glove. It has an advanced ENGaGE gesture engine that translates our hand gestures into incredible Superpowers triggering shockwaves, generating force fields and many more functionalities.


We can use it anywhere because you do not need a phone, computer, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it connects to each other through Zi-Fi. Its rechargeable lithium battery assures long hours of entertainment without interruptions. We only need to charge it twice a week through a standard micro USB port to enjoy it for 7 days.

SuperSuit comes with 15 preloaded games, but we can download more games through the SuperSuit application. In addition, this application shows us details of our physical fitness and the location of the suit, among other features.

SuperSuit enhances social interaction, encourages physical activity and supports non-violent play in an ironic way.
This portable platform rescues the relevance of outdoor games and the excitement of being in the game.

KUDRONE – The Smart Nano-Drone

Every day we carry out activities that we would like to remember in the future as sports maneuvers, achievements, meetings, walks, trips, places, etc. All these moments that excite us and have fun we can remember them through photographs, videos, selfies and also share them with who we want.

The advancement of technology has facilitated the use of many devices to capture and / or record many of the moments and situations of our life. However, these devices can sometimes be useless when we want to capture high quality images, images at several meters in height, etc. Thanks to the great circulation of images on the internet, a small quadricopter called Kudrone was created. This gadget promises to be our best cameraman anytime, anywhere.

Kudrone is the most affordable and powerful intelligent nano-drone in comparison to its predecessors. You can make video recordings at a maximum resolution of 4K and capture images with dimensions of 3280 x 2464 px. It also has GPS navigation, precision sensors and a rechargeable and interchangeable battery. It measures 3.7 inches so it can fit in the palm of your hand, and you can become an expert in less than 5 minutes as it is very easy to control.


Its precision ensures a perfect capture of images, videos, or selfies. It has the ability to rotate 360° for panoramic aerial photos. Thanks to its live streaming technology you can instantly share your creations. Its GPS navigation, intelligent vision sensors, 3-axis gyro accelerometer, magnetic compass and barometer combine to achieve a perfect and stable shot every time.


This vehicle is controlled through a mobile application up to a distance of 30 meters. The application allows you to configure the functionality of Kudrone as you see fit. Among its functions we can configure our nano-drone to follow us automatically through its GPS navigation. In addition, we can synchronize it so that it automatically saves all the images and videos in the camera roll.

Kudrone is a great companion capturing and remembering the adventures of our life.

Bluesmart – The Smart Luggage Generation

Travel has always motivated and inspired us to dream, improve and live our dreams, we have been stimulated to open our minds and think big, and have taught us who we really are and what we hope to achieve. For many of us travel allows us to enjoy and learn more about life as we travel discover and experience new things, we know different ways of thinking and we find ourselves.

Many times we think that the experience of a trip begins after enlisting the annoying luggage thinking about where and how to organize our things in the briefcase to have our devices handy among other things to entertain us on the tour, or when we run out of battery Cell phone or tablet and there is no switch nearby while traveling, etc.

To avoid these annoyances and misconceptions arises a generation of intelligent luggage called Bluesmart which promises to tackle from small uncomfortable problems to major problems with frequent travel. In addition, it guarantees unique experiences with some additional advantages as for the creators of Bluesmart a trip begins long before heading to the airport or the bus terminal. A trip starts the moment you decide to travel.

Bluesmart-view Bluesmart-up

Bluesmart is practically a small suitcase in the form of hand luggage that allows you to charge your devices while you are traveling. It has a powerful battery of 10,000mAh which allows you to charge your phone or your tablet completely up to 6 times. It has a capacity of 34 liters, dimensions of 56cm x 35cm x 23cm and is compatible with the standard of all airlines. It is made with high quality materials and water resistant.

On the back of the case we will find an activation button, a microUSB port and a conventional USB fast-charging port. It has a second USB port inside the outer pocket to charge your phone or tablet while traveling.


Bluesmart can be connected to our cell phone through the free application that we find in play store. The application gives us the possibility of securing the suitcase remotely, measuring the weight of the luggage, the charge of its battery and its location in any part of the world thanks to its 3G connectivity and GPS incorporated with connection without additional cost. In addition, it offers us more detailed options which we can adjust as we see fit.

The pleasure of traveling is greater with a companion like Bluesmart, a generation of intelligent luggage that allows us to enjoy our trips.


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