Bluesmart – The Smart Luggage Generation

Travel has always motivated and inspired us to dream, improve and live our dreams, we have been stimulated to open our minds and think big, and have taught us who we really are and what we hope to achieve. For many of us travel allows us to enjoy and learn more about life as we travel discover and experience new things, we know different ways of thinking and we find ourselves.

Many times we think that the experience of a trip begins after enlisting the annoying luggage thinking about where and how to organize our things in the briefcase to have our devices handy among other things to entertain us on the tour, or when we run out of battery Cell phone or tablet and there is no switch nearby while traveling, etc.

To avoid these annoyances and misconceptions arises a generation of intelligent luggage called Bluesmart which promises to tackle from small uncomfortable problems to major problems with frequent travel. In addition, it guarantees unique experiences with some additional advantages as for the creators of Bluesmart a trip begins long before heading to the airport or the bus terminal. A trip starts the moment you decide to travel.

Bluesmart-view Bluesmart-up

Bluesmart is practically a small suitcase in the form of hand luggage that allows you to charge your devices while you are traveling. It has a powerful battery of 10,000mAh which allows you to charge your phone or your tablet completely up to 6 times. It has a capacity of 34 liters, dimensions of 56cm x 35cm x 23cm and is compatible with the standard of all airlines. It is made with high quality materials and water resistant.

On the back of the case we will find an activation button, a microUSB port and a conventional USB fast-charging port. It has a second USB port inside the outer pocket to charge your phone or tablet while traveling.


Bluesmart can be connected to our cell phone through the free application that we find in play store. The application gives us the possibility of securing the suitcase remotely, measuring the weight of the luggage, the charge of its battery and its location in any part of the world thanks to its 3G connectivity and GPS incorporated with connection without additional cost. In addition, it offers us more detailed options which we can adjust as we see fit.

The pleasure of traveling is greater with a companion like Bluesmart, a generation of intelligent luggage that allows us to enjoy our trips.


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