Aido – The Smart Social Robot


The development of autonomous and intelligent robots is becoming more advanced and continues to evolve. These devices become increasingly functional in many environments and even very dear in the family environment. One of the robots that has managed to catch our attention has been called Aido.

Aido is described as the next generation social family robot. Aido is intelligent and interactive, and is the first social robot that can move around our homes or offices to help us improve our way of life. The creators of this robot promise that he can play with his children, help us with household chores, manage our schedule, and keep our home connected and safe.


Aido’s omni-directional ball allows you to balance and maneuver around furniture, and other minor obstacles in our home. In addition, it allows you to navigate in complex spaces without turning around. Its functionalities give it the qualities of a coach, an assistant, a homeowner, a hand man, a teacher and a friend.

He is a coach because we immerse ourselves in our favorite movies and games with the interactive projector and speakers. An assistant as he picks up the latest recipes, reschedules a meeting or simply dims the lights when we relax just by asking. A homeowner because he keeps our home safe with patrol mode and keeps our home healthy by using his various sensors.

He is a handy man since Aido can quickly transmit useful videos on a nearby wall to fix the dripping faucet, or any faulty unit. A teacher thanks to Aido’s sound effects, graphics and movements make it an interactive learning experience. And a friend since Aido recognizes each member of his household, and fits the individual preferences.


This social robot weighs 8 kg and is less than 1 meter tall. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 5 external USB ports and ZigBee, Z-Wave, WiFi and BLE protocols. In addition, it supports more than 1000 connected devices. It also has 2 DLP LED projectors, one is mounted on the head (320×240) and the other is mounted on the body (640×480). It has a touch screen of 7 “(800×400), operating systems Android and Linux, and 4 cameras with different qualities.

Aido has a unique visual manager that allows you to create activity sets during the days of the week, or your vacation time, including environmental monitoring and patrols. He comes with pre-loaded software for family health, cooking, house keeping and more. Aido is the new generation of intelligent social robots that will become a member of our family.

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