CANX – The Charger and Portable Plug


A lot of us have gone through that we need to use some electrical appliance but there is no electricity or when we want to charge our mobile devices while we are out walking, on a trip or even in traffic. These are situations that often despair when we need electricity to continue our day to day.

We all know the portable mobile chargers which are useful only to charge the battery of our phones and tablets, but often are useless when we need to repeatedly load our devices. For these problems a portable and friendly device called CANX has been created.

CANX is a portable charger and plug that allows us to literally connect any device and / or device that need power to be able to use them solving the above problems. Its lightweight, stylish and portable design will allow you to carry it wherever you want because it is almost the same size as a water bottle.

This device prevents us from staying close to a wall outlet and is our best ally when we are on a trip or even in traffic as it provides us with the energy needed to charge any electronic device. CANX allows you to charge your cell phone up to 10 times, a tablet up to 4 times or a laptop up to 2 times. It has a capacity of 23,000mAh, USB ports of fast load and alternating current receptacle.

Now, you will wonder how long it is necessary to load the CANX to provide us with its qualities mentioned above, the solution is not the other world, to charge it we must connect it to a plug with the help of a microusb port, after that we would only have to wait two hours for the CANX to share its energy with other devices.

The CANX has proved to be a portable solution very easy and useful thanks to its qualities and characteristics.

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