Chris: The Digital Driver Assistant


Many cities face serious urban transport problems due to the increasing number of vehicles in circulation. As cities have become the main centers of economic activity, the population tends to travel its streets requiring transportation not only for ourselves but also for the products we consume or produce.

Unfortunately, transport can generate diverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts such as vehicular congestion, air pollution, noise and disturbance of tranquility, increased risk of traffic accidents, among many other very disgusting effects.

The flow of vehicles produced at a particular time and place is the result of a series of individual decisions that we take the users of the road network when we decide how and when to travel the best route to reach our destination in addition to our decisions are based on criteria such as cost, time, safety and comfort.

However, it is not easy to determine the shortest route in time in a network since the vehicular flow is constantly changing daily. That is why we have created a device that works as a secondary interface for our smartphone that will help us while we drive. The creators of this gadget christened it with the name Chris pointing out that “Chris” is gender neutral and can be connoted both for men and women. Consciously does not serve stereotypes, but neither age nor gender. Chris is universal.

Chris is the world’s first digital driver assistant with which we can stay connected without getting in the way while driving. It promises to be our digital co-driver interacting with us actively if there are new messages or navigation updates. Also, it makes us feel like we’re driving with a friend since Chris is so much fun.


This device also features a remarkably intuitive gesture control, something that we will only find in the latest high-end cars. Simply slide your finger left and right or up and down to navigate long lists or control the volume of our music without touching Chris or our smartphone.

Just like a GPS, Chris works with any car, no matter the age or model. Thanks to its suction cup holder with magnetic connection, Chris is installed and ready to use in less than 3 minutes.

1. Download and install the application for free.
2. Connect Chris to your phone via Bluetooth.
3. Connect Chris to car audio via Bluetooth or FM.


Access your favorite apps

At launch Chris supports the most popular applications. Chris is built as an open platform, meaning that developers can create more and more applications and integrations over time.


Messaging: Text messages while driving

Chris talks to us when we receive a new message and reads the text aloud if we want to hear it. We just have to tell Chris what we want to respond to, or we can use one of the quick answers to save time. And the best thing is that it is not necessary to take your hands off the wheel or distract us to see the notifications.



Intelligent car navigation

Chris is an intelligent personal navigation device that will always keep us on the right track. With the GPS feature we can drive and get our destination relaxed, and thanks to real-time traffic information, Chris always keeps us at the forefront of traffic.

It allows us to enjoy voice controlled navigation. And the best thing is that this device has global maps for life, free updates and also works offline, that is, when our smartphone has no Internet connection.



Music: Listen to Spotify in the car

Chris allows us to listen to music online from Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music or offline from our cell phone. It gives us the possibility to scroll through playlists, play, pause and change songs by voice and gestures. And the best thing is that the device connects via Bluetooth or FM.



Calls: Hands free

Chris is a unique hands-free kit for the car with voice control and gesture. The high-end microphones in the device designed with an aluminum frame guarantee the best audio quality when we are on a call or when giving a voice command. It also shows us the contacts of our cell phone and recent calls.


Chris Design and Technology

Its timeless design and technology are the combination of an aluminum housing with display, microphones and sensors. The installation for the first time is simple: we place the suction mount in the windshield, we fit in Chris and we follow the configuration instructions. In addition, it is compatible with iOS and Android.

One detail that may disgust somehow of this gadget is that it should always be connected to the power system of our vehicle. The comforting thing is its 12V charger that plugs into the suction cup mount, and the extra-long power cord is hidden in the small slots inside the vehicle. It has a built-in battery that lasts approximately one hour in full use, being useful in interruptions when we turn off the engine.


Natural understanding and language reproduction is key to a digital co-pilot with a voice interface. For this reason, Chris speaks and understands the English and German languages at the moment as their creators point out that more languages will be added after the release to the market in early 2018.

Designed for use in the car Chris meets all regulatory requirements and relevant certifications in North America and Western Europe. It is designed as a real assistant, combining information and understanding of circumstances. Chris will help us focus on what is really important.

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