PP Mini Pro


The world of digital games has evolved notoriously thanks to technological advances. From console video games to mobile game applications, the feeling of being part of the game environment is the primary goal that any company wants to achieve.

And for this have created many solutions that allow the user to enter their favorite game environment. These solutions have been achieving their objective according to the demands of the user. There are many gadgets for these digital games, but this time we focus on a device aimed at the environment of games with weapons and racing.

This gadget has been named by its creators as PP Mini Pro and has the form of a pistol that can hold your cell phone for a more realistic view of the game. This device is ergonomically designed for the most exciting comfort, is shaped like a Glock gun and weighs only 7.7 oz / 220 g.


PP Mini Pro has high sensitivity gyroscope with full view control, dual rewind motor simulation and bluetooth 3.0 transport. Its somatosensory peripheral controls will significantly increase the accuracy of game control and the game’s real-time interaction.

The world’s most intelligent somatic sensor type spore peripheral devices will allow you to enjoy the most immersive somesthetic game experience as being “in-game.” Its high sensitivity CTS randomly assigned handle and 12 custom buttons are installed separately in the mouth and on both sides of the gun.

This gadget will not only allow us to easily complete different operations such as transferring roles, jumping, squating and lying down in the FPS game, it will also allow us to enjoy the level experience in the fighting game and realize the nitrogen acceleration with Only one Button in the racing game.


As we have already mentioned the PP Mini Pro is connected to mobile phones by bluetooth 3.0 technology. The two tactical controllers randomly connected to the device will give us two selections for the grip gesture of the gun. In addition, the different combination of these two tactical controllers will turn the PP Mini Pro into a classic driver and racing car steering wheel.

The USB interface can be easily seen when opening the rubber cover in the mouth of the device becoming a power source of 2,600 mAh capacity. In addition, the device can be connected to computers to explore more functions and perform free SDK.

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