The games of last generation have caught our attention thanks to its great quality of visualization and its entertaining theme. Many of these games cause us sensations in which we feel direct protagonists. Therefore, the big companies in the area of ​​video games have tried to improve the quality of their consoles and the details that make these sensations possible.

Although the advances have managed to make us feel inside the game in a certain way, they still keep us in front of a screen. However, the US company New Delhi has launched worldwide a portable platform called SuperSuit which was created from the idea of ​​incorporating gesture control technology with outdoor games.

SuperSuit is the world’s first portable platform that brings games to real life. It promises to stop feeling inside the game through a screen to recover the feeling of playing outdoors and with the games that we like. It consists of two units: a vest and a glove. It has an advanced ENGaGE gesture engine that translates our hand gestures into incredible Superpowers triggering shockwaves, generating force fields and many more functionalities.


We can use it anywhere because you do not need a phone, computer, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it connects to each other through Zi-Fi. Its rechargeable lithium battery assures long hours of entertainment without interruptions. We only need to charge it twice a week through a standard micro USB port to enjoy it for 7 days.

SuperSuit comes with 15 preloaded games, but we can download more games through the SuperSuit application. In addition, this application shows us details of our physical fitness and the location of the suit, among other features.

SuperSuit enhances social interaction, encourages physical activity and supports non-violent play in an ironic way.
This portable platform rescues the relevance of outdoor games and the excitement of being in the game.

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