Tiny Tower – The Laptop Stand


Working in front of a laptop that is under our horizontal display for a long time is very uncomfortable and can physically impair us. Many of us sit in front of a desk where we put our laptop to work supposedly comfortably, but we do not realize that by concentrating we are stooping more and more.

The pains in the neck and spine and the sensation of tiredness in the eyes are effects caused by the traditional and supposed comfortable way of working in front of a laptop. That is why a gadget has been created to solve these problems and achieve a better performance at work. This device has been called The Tiny Tower due to its form and functionality.


Tiny Tower is an ergonomically ideal portable stand as it avoids the aforementioned pains creating a more natural and comfortable work environment instantly. Protects our posture with its quick and easy adjustable height system that allows us to work comfortably. At the touch of a button you can find 10 different levels of height available.

This gadget folds in less than 10 seconds to a flat and compact unit, is lightweight and sturdy since it is made of aluminum, and is easy to carry. We guarantee stability and safety for our laptops thanks to a special anti-slip polymer made by 3M.


The space occupied by the Tiny Tower is smaller than that of our laptops. It has two fingers that are hidden inside the arms of the gadget which we can use to securely secure your laptop if we are not sure of its anti-slip polymer.

The Tiny Tower is designed to reliably support all laptops in all sizes. In addition, we can use it on any desktop. The parts of this gadget are precision machined and anodized, giving them a superior and durable finish. With Tiny Tower the pains in the neck, shoulder and back are no longer a nuisance.

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