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Stress has become a very unpleasant habit for us and its goal is to lead our life to its decline. As we all know, stress is a feeling of physical or emotional stress that comes from any situation or thought that makes us feel frustrated, angry or nervous and can harm our health.

Throughout history, methods have been created that have promised to eradicate the stress of our lives, but only manage to reduce it. In addition, you need to invest a lot of time to achieve it and a good example is yoga. But what would you think if I told you that we can reduce stress while we do stressful activities.


TouchPoints ™ Basic are two non-invasive devices that can be worn on wrists like bracelets, held or attached to clothing. They offer a new way to relieve stress by using the patented neuroscience technology called BLAST (Bi-Lateral Alternating Stimulation) which transfers alternating vibrations to change the body’s response to fight, flight or freeze to stress and anxiety. It also restores the functioning of the homeostatic nervous system allowing you to think clearly and experience calm.

TouchPoint ™ studies show a 71% reduction in stress in just 30 seconds along with better focus and better sleep. Initially, they were created to relieve stress, but users have reported that there are many conditions that have been improved by TouchPoints ™ Basic. In addition, help with sensory processing disorder has been confirmed by addressing the underlying stress in people with autism.


TouchPoints ™ Basic is safe for people of all ages and is an effective and affordable solution to overcome stress, anxiety, focusing problems, improve performance and sleep. Using TouchPoints ™ Basic for just 5 minutes a day results in improved focus and performance.

So, what would you think if I told you that we can reduce stress while we do stressful activities. The advancement of technology and science have made our lives have a better quality in an easier and faster way. Now that you know it, it is in your hands to improve your life and that of other people.

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