Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet


Can openers, screwdrivers, wrenches and many other tools are very useful for many of us because their functions make it easy to perform small tasks such as removing nuts or bolts, opening cans or plates, etc.

The problem with these tools is that sometimes they do not reach very welcoming places, they can be very hoarding and difficult to take them to our walks, trips, etc. For this reason, a multi-tool device has been created that pretends to be an elegant, adjustable and functional bracelet. This Leatherman creation was called the Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet.

Tread-Multi-Tool-bracelet-negro Tread-Multi-Tool-bracelet-acero









This device is a bracelet made of 17-4 mark steel. Each of the instruments that it owns are monolithic and resistant thanks to that they were created with a method of pressure embossing. It includes 29 functional tools such as a sharp hook, flat and cross screwdrivers, an allen wrench, an accessory to remove SIM cards, bottle openers and boxes among many more.

Tread Multi-Tool Bracelet can reach places where conventional tools are difficult to use. Its method of creation allows the bracelet to be comfortable at all times and its elegant design goes unnoticed if we want to take it anywhere. In addition, it complies with current TSA (Transportation Security Alliance) regulations for hand held items.



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