WonderCube – All in One Cubic Inch


The functionalities provided by smart phones are very useful as they help us to carry out our daily activities. Regardless of the brand or type of cell phone that we have, we always find the same displeasure of these when we go out for a walk, to have fun at a meeting, etc.

All the accessories of our cell phones like cables, banks of battery, among many others are a nuisance when taking them with us when we leave the house or even when we are inside of her since they require of space, the cables are entangled among themselves, we must be Near a wall to charge our cell phones, etc.

Therefore, a solution has been created that will prevent us from continuing to suffer with these inconveniences. This solution is full of essential functions that we need when leaving home and its size is the smallest possible. It promises to be the best companion for us and our cell phone, and its creators have named it WonderCube.

WonderCube is a cube-shaped keychain with a cubic inch size that can be deployed and transformed in many ways to meet our needs by replacing many of our cell phone accessories. It is designed to follow us everywhere, it is durable, super small and lightweight.


It has 8 features or specific features in a compact body. Replaces long and tangled cables, works as portable charger and emergency charger, phone stand, OTG USB, has a flashlight, microSD memory port and is a synchronizer between our devices.

WonderCube features a flexible USB foldable cord that measures 3 inches when extended. Carefully folded in just 1 inch, the bucket is completely covered without any exposed contact. It is incredibly durable and compact. The built-in gold-plated connectors ensure a fast charge through any USB port.

The WonderCube micro-suction plate can be easily attached or detached to the rear panel of the phone for the best viewing angle. The USB OTG allows us to expand our phone for another 64GB. It gives us the possibility to free memory or transfer photos, movies and songs during our next trip. It also works perfectly as a USB stick to transfer files from the computer.


The integrated emergency charging system is about connecting a 9V battery that can be easily found at any nearby store. WonderCube is available in 4 colors: Black, White, Blue and Green. To them the IRON version is added. WonderCube comes with 2 versions: Apple Lightning and Micro USB connector. It is compatible with smart devices market.

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