The Ataribox will be released for sale in the spring of 2018

As we all know, Atari was one of the largest producers and pioneer of arcade games, home video games, consoles and personal microcomputers in the United States. It maintained its potential and leadership in the computer industry and the entertainment from its beginnings until the middle of the decade of the 80.

Since his announcement at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where he announced his return to the world of videogame consoles with a new product which was named Ataribox, fans of the company have been intrigued by the new console and all the details that would bring both in your hardware as in your software.

After Atari unveils images of his new product in an exclusive release where they explain the details of the Ataribox, he made a statement later on 25 September, revealing for the first time that the device will be able to run Linux on an Advanced processor Micro Devices and will cost between 250 and 300 dollars.

In an exclusive interview last week with GamesBeat, creator of Ataribox and general manager Feargal Mac said Atari will start a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo this fall and will launch the Ataribox in the spring of 2018 with a great backing of classic games editor.

The company also revealed that the console will have a custom AMD processor with Radeon graphics and will run Linux as an operating system, with a user friendly interface at the top easier to use for a TV interface and controller.

Mac, the company’s general manager, said the new console will run the kind of games a mid-range PC can do today, but will not be able to run Triple-A games that require high-end PC performance. You will also be able to stream, run applications, browse the web and play music.

Atari will discuss details about the content of the new console and partnerships with other companies for this project in future interviews or conferences.

Xbox One X is now available for pre-order worldwide

Xbox One X is a console of the world of the video games developed by Microsoft and that was first revealed in Electronic Entertainment Expo in June and has been available until now like the special edition of “Project Scorpio” which sold quickly when Microsoft started a promo during the Gamescom conference last month.

Microsoft plans to launch Xbox One X on November 7 worldwide. However, the company today announced the availability of pre-ordering the standard version of the new console. the company says that the Xbox One X Black standard prefeeders will be available from local retailers around the world as well as through its own website and Microsoft store.

The console will be sold for $ 499 in the US. with 1TB of storage, and will begin shipping worldwide on the same release date; that is to say, from the 7 of November. With more widely available preorders now, Microsoft is also taking the opportunity to unveil its growing list of “enhanced” games for its Xbox One.

One of the new details of the new console is that it has a faster processor and more memory being able to run games with a resolution of up to 4K and 60 frames per second. Microsoft will denote that a game is using the extra power for one or more of these upgrade options through a special logo.


Fuente: The Verge

PP Mini Pro

The world of digital games has evolved notoriously thanks to technological advances. From console video games to mobile game applications, the feeling of being part of the game environment is the primary goal that any company wants to achieve.

And for this have created many solutions that allow the user to enter their favorite game environment. These solutions have been achieving their objective according to the demands of the user. There are many gadgets for these digital games, but this time we focus on a device aimed at the environment of games with weapons and racing.

This gadget has been named by its creators as PP Mini Pro and has the form of a pistol that can hold your cell phone for a more realistic view of the game. This device is ergonomically designed for the most exciting comfort, is shaped like a Glock gun and weighs only 7.7 oz / 220 g.


PP Mini Pro has high sensitivity gyroscope with full view control, dual rewind motor simulation and bluetooth 3.0 transport. Its somatosensory peripheral controls will significantly increase the accuracy of game control and the game’s real-time interaction.

The world’s most intelligent somatic sensor type spore peripheral devices will allow you to enjoy the most immersive somesthetic game experience as being “in-game.” Its high sensitivity CTS randomly assigned handle and 12 custom buttons are installed separately in the mouth and on both sides of the gun.

This gadget will not only allow us to easily complete different operations such as transferring roles, jumping, squating and lying down in the FPS game, it will also allow us to enjoy the level experience in the fighting game and realize the nitrogen acceleration with Only one Button in the racing game.


As we have already mentioned the PP Mini Pro is connected to mobile phones by bluetooth 3.0 technology. The two tactical controllers randomly connected to the device will give us two selections for the grip gesture of the gun. In addition, the different combination of these two tactical controllers will turn the PP Mini Pro into a classic driver and racing car steering wheel.

The USB interface can be easily seen when opening the rubber cover in the mouth of the device becoming a power source of 2,600 mAh capacity. In addition, the device can be connected to computers to explore more functions and perform free SDK.

Force Band – Star Wars

Star Wars from its beginnings until now continues captivating with its history to millions of people in all the aspects; That is to say, with its films, its sequels, its representations in objects, its toys, etc. All these instances made by different companies.

In this opportunity the company Sphero takes our attention by the idea to bring to the real life the skill of force of a Jedi Knight. This is possible thanks to the creation of a toy that they have named Force Band. This is a toy bracelet designed with an authentic Star Wars appearance.


The Force Band is attached to the wrist and allows us to improve our native Force powers. With this toy we can control our BB-8 ™ Droid ™ App-Enabled with just one wave of our hand dominating the Force push and pull movements. It is compatible with Sphero’s original BB-8 App-enabled Droid and other Sphero robots with Bluetooth Smart technology.

The device has 5 modes:

1. Droid control mode: Use force to push, pull, and control BB-8.
2. Strength training mode: Follow the commands of BB-8 to master Jedi Knight skills.
3. Combat Training Mode: Use your imagination to wield a lightsaber, battle with a gun or channel the Force.
4. Force Awareness Mode: Uncover digital holocrons in your environment and pick them up in the application.
5. Robot control mode: Use the Force Band toy to drive other Sphero robots powered by Bluetooth Smart.


The experience of applying the Force Band allows us to go deeper into the Star Wars galaxy. Learn to master the gesture of driving with a new adventure, see his collection of holocrons that are in the mode of force awareness, and explore more ways to play.

Gear VR(2017) – Virtual Adventures

Remembering the moments in which we imagined to be inside the screen when we enjoyed our favorite video games we get to cause nostalgia since we thought that dream could be our greatest adventure. For many of us enjoying our video games did not mean to play them but to live them.

Thanks to the evolution of technology these memories are being transformed into great experiences where the imagination is immersed in reality to create exciting adventures from our favorite video games. Many will think that to live our favorite games requires a broad stage and many accessories to bring the video game to life.

At present, it is not necessary to mention the above mentioned to enjoy our video games while we live them as the big technology companies have managed to create devices that immerse us in the screen allowing us to feel the real existence of the game. All this is summarized in the definition of Virtual Reality.

One of the most complete devices in this subject belongs to Samsung and they have named it Gear VR (2017). This device gives us a better perspective and the ability to go further than ever within our virtual adventures.

Gear VR (2017) has dimensions of 98.6 x 207.8 x 122.5 mm and weighs 345 grams which makes it light and easy to carry. Its ergonomic design allows you to live a more interactive and comfortable experience. It has a soft foam pad that provides a natural grip and blocks outside light. Its strap mount provides a stable and secure grip.


This device comes with a controller that works as a remote control to navigate virtual reality with ease. In addition, we can use it as a controller for trigger games in battles, etc. The controller is designed to be used naturally with one hand.

Its wide field of view of 101 ° gives us a superior experience of virtual reality through its large lenses, and the precise and smooth tracking of the head thanks to the gyroscope sensor and the accelerometer that has incorporated.

With more than 700 applications and games we will be hard to run out of things to do. The device allows us to connect our smartphones via micro USB ports or USB type C. It is compatible specifically with Galaxy S8, S8 +, S7, S7 Edge, Note5, S6 Edge +, S6 and S6 Edge.

This device aims to immerse ourselves in the virtual adventures of our favorite games thanks to its Gear VR (2017). Let’s see a little about the features and this device.


The games of last generation have caught our attention thanks to its great quality of visualization and its entertaining theme. Many of these games cause us sensations in which we feel direct protagonists. Therefore, the big companies in the area of ​​video games have tried to improve the quality of their consoles and the details that make these sensations possible.

Although the advances have managed to make us feel inside the game in a certain way, they still keep us in front of a screen. However, the US company New Delhi has launched worldwide a portable platform called SuperSuit which was created from the idea of ​​incorporating gesture control technology with outdoor games.

SuperSuit is the world’s first portable platform that brings games to real life. It promises to stop feeling inside the game through a screen to recover the feeling of playing outdoors and with the games that we like. It consists of two units: a vest and a glove. It has an advanced ENGaGE gesture engine that translates our hand gestures into incredible Superpowers triggering shockwaves, generating force fields and many more functionalities.


We can use it anywhere because you do not need a phone, computer, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, it connects to each other through Zi-Fi. Its rechargeable lithium battery assures long hours of entertainment without interruptions. We only need to charge it twice a week through a standard micro USB port to enjoy it for 7 days.

SuperSuit comes with 15 preloaded games, but we can download more games through the SuperSuit application. In addition, this application shows us details of our physical fitness and the location of the suit, among other features.

SuperSuit enhances social interaction, encourages physical activity and supports non-violent play in an ironic way.
This portable platform rescues the relevance of outdoor games and the excitement of being in the game.

The Return of Atari to the World of Consoles

As we all know, Atari was one of the largest producers and pioneer of arcade games, home video games, consoles and personal microcomputers in the United States. It maintained its potential and leadership in the computing and entertainment industry from its beginnings until the middle of the decade of the 80.

Fred Chesnais, CEO of the company, announced at Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017 Atari’s return to the world of videogame consoles promising a new product. He only mentioned that the product would be called Ataribox leaving us the intrigue of the hardware and software details of the new console.


However, Atari reveals images of his new product in an exclusive release to his fans where they explain that the Ataribox would be inspired by the Atari 2600. In addition, will include 4 USB ports, 1 SD port, 1 HDMI connector and will be presented in a version in Wood and another more modern in black and red.








The company mentions that the games will have classic content and new content. So far Atari is discreet about the price of the product, its specifications and the date it will be officially presented.

Recall that Atari has not returned to the world of videogame consoles since the Atari Jaguar in 1993.

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