Force Band – Star Wars


Star Wars from its beginnings until now continues captivating with its history to millions of people in all the aspects; That is to say, with its films, its sequels, its representations in objects, its toys, etc. All these instances made by different companies.

In this opportunity the company Sphero takes our attention by the idea to bring to the real life the skill of force of a Jedi Knight. This is possible thanks to the creation of a toy that they have named Force Band. This is a toy bracelet designed with an authentic Star Wars appearance.


The Force Band is attached to the wrist and allows us to improve our native Force powers. With this toy we can control our BB-8 ™ Droid ™ App-Enabled with just one wave of our hand dominating the Force push and pull movements. It is compatible with Sphero’s original BB-8 App-enabled Droid and other Sphero robots with Bluetooth Smart technology.

The device has 5 modes:

1. Droid control mode: Use force to push, pull, and control BB-8.
2. Strength training mode: Follow the commands of BB-8 to master Jedi Knight skills.
3. Combat Training Mode: Use your imagination to wield a lightsaber, battle with a gun or channel the Force.
4. Force Awareness Mode: Uncover digital holocrons in your environment and pick them up in the application.
5. Robot control mode: Use the Force Band toy to drive other Sphero robots powered by Bluetooth Smart.


The experience of applying the Force Band allows us to go deeper into the Star Wars galaxy. Learn to master the gesture of driving with a new adventure, see his collection of holocrons that are in the mode of force awareness, and explore more ways to play.

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