Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Date of Presentation


A few months ago has begun to report rumors about the long-awaited Galaxy Note 8 with respect to its possible features that could bring both its hardware and software. These so-called characteristics have caught our attention and increased our desire to have a large capacity device.

It should be noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be better than the iPhone 8 that Apple will present, but until it is confirmed is still part of speculation.
Now what we want to know is when we can know it and so confirm its potential and then exploit it to the fullest.

According to The Bell reports that the date of presentation of this long-awaited device would be on August 23. However, a Samsung executive mentioned for The Investor that the big screen phone if it will be released in the month of August in New York, But denied confirmation of the 23 date being speculated.

Apparently Samsung advanced the release of the note to communicate that the sale of Galaxy Note 8 would start from September.

Among some of the most anticipated features of the device is that the Bixby artificial intelligence assistant is compatible with the English language to improve performance and an S-Pen pen that would support translation functions.
On the other hand, Evan Blass VentureBeat speculates that its size will be 6.2 inches; That is, it will be the same size as the Galaxy S8 Plus. In addition, it is mentioned that the phone would cost €999 which in US would be $900. The price is not confirmed, but we are already imagining how much it would cost.

With these speculations almost confirmed, it is very likely that Samsung Electronics will continue to maintain its leadership in the phablets demonstrating superiority over Apple. Now just wait a little longer to meet the new and long awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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