Mercedes-Benz Actros


Trucks are an important part in many areas of a territory for many companies, groups, etc. They are the terrestrial means by which a great quantity of products, materials, among others are transported, depending on the environment to which it is surrounded.

Generally, trucks travel long distances to meet deliveries. Often drivers spend days driving to reach their destination and not to wear out they need a comfortable and useful space to perform at work. That is why it is about improving the quality of the truck, expanding the space in the cabin and increasing the comfort of the driver. It is a goal that big companies that make trucks try to achieve.


The Mercedes-Benz company has captured our attention with its new truck which they have called Actros and welcomes us to a new dimension. Actros was created in order to offer you an optimum vehicle for long-distance transport both now and in the future, and taking into account the ever increasing demands for comfort, economy, driving dynamics and variety.

With its cabins oriented to various operating profiles, the new Actros opens up unreachable dimensions of work, life and sleep in long distance transport. All 2,500 mm wide booths come with a standard level floor. The space between the seats is up to 2.13 m.


In order to make the new Actros an economical truck, it has been equipped with many innovative features and reducing consumption, and with particularly frugal engines. The motors are characterized by their immediate response and are available in four displacement capacities and a total of 16 output categories from 175 kW to 460 kW.

This truck can be obtained in two versions: Domestic and Elegant. The domestic version is equipped with handles with a wood effect, the instrument panel has pieces of wood and the steering wheel can be covered with leather or wood and leather. The cabin has additional elements such as a compartment with keys on the windshield, the possibility of installing a safe, cabinets with movable drawers and spaces for smaller objects.


The Actros offers the possibility of installing a refrigerator of 25 to 36 liters located in the engine tunnel or under the bed. In addition, it allows us to use our mobile devices as if we were at home. There are other internal functionalities that we find very useful.

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