Rinspeed MicroMAX


The urban transport is very important to mobilize us to great or small distances. It is very necessary for many of the people that we do not have our own transport vehicle. It is often uncomfortable to travel on the means of transportation for certain reasons.

As we well know the advancement of technology is encompassing in all environments of our lives and urban transportation is no exception to this. That is why we will show you an idea that is revolutionizing transport both for its functionality and its technological concept.

It is an extravagant project of the Swiss company Rinspeed that breaks the boundaries between private transport and public transport combining the comfort and privacy of personal vehicles with the universality and efficiency of buses. This is a minibus that has been named MicroMax.

The vehicle has a length of 3.7 meters approximately and 2.2 meters in height. It has a lithium battery which fully charged allows travel up to 100 km, is more than enough to mobilize in the city. The mini front-wheel drive is driven by an electric motor that can reach 50 kph in 8 seconds.


Inside it has 4 comfortable seats, functional and very safe; One belongs to the driver and the other 3 seats are for the passengers. It has a fridge, a coffee maker and the possibility to connect to the internet. In addition, in the back is a bicycle compartment and the windows are made of plexiglass with an anti scratch coating.

The brain of the MicroMax is a 19-inch touch screen with 3D animations and a bulky interface that plays the role of GPS navigator. From this screen the driver can monitor travel requests, passenger destinations and traffic updates by creating an efficient, flexible and convenient transportation system with minimum waiting times and without the need for prior planning.

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