Tesla Model 3 – Greater Safety


At present, the mechanics and the improvement of the motor vehicles is providing greater security and comfort to its crew. Many of these vehicles increasingly have autonomous functionalities that facilitate and improve the driving of the pilot.

One of the big companies that demonstrates its advance in the technology of its vehicles is Tesla. This company is best known in countries where the functionalities of its vehicles can be welcomed. Manufactures electric cars with features not so conventional, but still understandable.

Tesla has introduced a new member whom they have called Model 3. The name is can be very evident as the company has named all their creations beginning with the word “model”. Tesla points out that the car is smaller, simpler and more affordable. Although it is the newest vehicle, the Model 3 is not “version 3” or the more advanced Tesla, but is designed to be the safest car in its class.

According to its creators the Tesla Model 3 is designed to achieve the highest safety ratings in each category. This vehicle has a wheelbase of 113.2 “, a length of 184.8”, a width of 82.2 “and with folded mirrors 76.1”, a front and rear track of 62.2 “and a clearance of 5.5”.


In terms of safety, the vehicle has an automatic emergency braking and collision avoidance function, electronic stability and traction control, and eight airbags. It has a 15 “touch screen with on-board maps and navigation Keyless entry and remote climate control with application and voice activated controls and Wi-Fi and LTE Internet connectivity. / Internet radio streaming, 5 Textile seats and a center console with open storage and two USB ports.

The Tesla Model 3 can achieve between 200 and 300 miles range. Its glass ceiling is tinted with ultraviolet and infrared protection. It has heated rearview mirrors and LED fog lights. Model 3 deliveries are beginning in the United States. Model 3 production has started with low volumes, but will grow exponentially until full production is achieved.


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